1/2 of adults in Bedfordshire won’t make changes to save the environment

Modular Classroms Interactive Map environment survey
Use the interactive map at the bottom of this article to see how Bedfordshire compares to the rest of the UK.

Recent research has revealed that just under half of Bedfordshire’s adult residents are prepared to make lifestyle changes to help save the environment.

This may include things like eating less meat or using their car less.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from Extinction Rebellion Bedfordshire, who campaign for changes in our political, economic and social landscape, said: “It is disappointing, though not surprising, that only just over half of the adults surveyed would be prepared to make significant lifestyle changes.

“Until recently, the threats posed by global warming have been played down by the media and fossil fuel companies have spread misinformation to confuse the public.

“Because of this, many people are unaware of how desperately serious the situation is.”

However, the same research, carried out by Modular Classrooms, found that younger people are much more aware of the impact their actions have on the environment.

One third of the parents surveyed said their kids have educated them at times on eco issues such like recycling.

“It is extremely heartening to see how young people are engaging with the issues and often showing leadership to their parents and elders.” added the Extinction Rebellion spokesperson.

“We see this is happening in spite of the lack of coverage in the schools and the National Curriculum.”

Parents were also asked what they think the ideal age would be for children to start learning about environmental issues, and how to tackle them.

Overall, the majority of Bedfordshire parents agreed that nursery and reception age would be the best time to start.

This was slightly earlier to other parts of the country were some areas said they should wait until they were in school years 3-6.

The findings come from a nation-wide survey of 3,000 Brits with just over half (54%) of Bedfordshire residents say they are prepared to make significant lifestyle changes to help save the environment. This is 3% below the national average of 57%.

You can use the interactive map below to see how Bedfordshire compared to the rest of the UK in other factors within the research.

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