Young Bedford jeweller launches Kickstarter project

Jeweller, Jade Hibbert, is aiming to raise the money to grow her business

A young jeweller from Bedford is almost halfway to hitting her crowdfunding target to help her grow her fledgling business.

Jade Hibbert’s bespoke and fine jewellery collection, Jwllry by Jade, is proudly ‘made in Bedford’ and the 27-year-old hopes to be able to mentor aspiring local jewellers to help them achieve their potential.

Jade completed an HND in 3D design at Bedford College where she discovered a passion for jewellery making.

“I always had a love for jewellery,” said Jade. “As my career progressed I began working with fine jewellery and just over a year ago I set up my own business.

“I primarily focus on one-off pieces and small collections of fine jewellery and I also teach workshops to clients who have an interest in learning more about the trade or who would like a unique experience hand-making their own wedding rings.”

Jade’s Kickstarter goal is £5,600 and with 12 days left, she has just over half way to go.

She’s earmarked the funding for investing in tools, marketing and personal development.

“I’m really excited about it and feel really positive about the future,” said Jade.

“The jewellery industry is very white, male dominated and more recently, in the shadow of the death of George Flloyd, there have been more conversations about representation of people of colour within the business.

“As a result of that, I’ve got to know so many other black female jewellers and its been great to know that there are some great women – of all ethnicities – representing the industry.”

Having been back to Bedford College to teach jewellery workshops, Jade is keen to help mentor and develop the talents of young, local creatives.

Speaking of her long-term ambitions, Jade said, “I would eventually like a small office and workshop for clients to visit and discuss their jewellery enquiries and jwllry by jade concessions in stores like Liberties or Selfridges to showcase my work and reach new buyers.

“I would be so grateful of the support of Bedford locals to help me reach this target so I can eventually give back with a brand that is well known and mindful.”

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