Yellow warning of rain for Bedford until tomorrow morning

Rain road yellow lines

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning of rain for the East of England, and while we’re likely to escape the worst of it, Bedford will be wet for the next 24 hours.

The Met office warning says: “There is a chance that heavy prolonged rainfall could lead to local flooding and disruption to transport.”

They add that there’s a small chance homes and businesses could be flooded and a slight chance of delays or cancellations to train and bus services.

Driving conditions may also be impaired with spray and surface flooding on roads.

While it’s highly unlikely, the yellow warning does also warn some communities may become cut off by flooded roads.

Yellow warning rain 10 jun 2019Commuters into London may suffer more, however, as the warning level has been increased to amber across London and as far north as St. Albans, which the Thameslink and Midland Mainline route passes through.

An amber warning carries similar warning to those above but with increased likelihood.

Commuters travelling in and out of London are more likely to experience delays and some cancellations on public transport.

While the yellow warning will be in place for most of the East of England for a few days, Bedford is expected to have its yellow warning lifted tomorrow.

Any Amber warnings in the region are also likely to be lifted tomorrow too.

Yellow warning rain 10 jun 2019 forecast