Wixams’ residents spring into action at bulb planting event

Wixams' bulb planting

Wixams’ residents of all ages joined together on Saturday 16 November, to plant 1,000 spring bulbs throughout the village

From toddlers to residents of Wixams’ Retirement Village, everyone mucked in and got their hands dirty, but they’ll have to wait until spring to see the fruits of their labours.

“We had some great comments from parents and the kids seemed to really enjoy the experience,” said Leon Staszak of Wixams Community Group.

“Gardening is very rewarding, it can also be therapeutic for some, so we hope to have inspired a few of our residents to enjoy nature at a very young age.”

It was a great group effort

The bulb planting was organised by volunteers from Wixams Gardening Group and Karin Spedding, who planned the event and shared her gardening knowledge to ensure the bulbs had the best chance to survive.

“Over the last few months a few members of the Wixams Gardening Group have been meeting fortnightly to prepare the areas for planting,” said Leon.

“This started with a lot of weeding, removing of dead shrubs and we then moved a lot of the grasses from the areas next to the Village Hall to create a nice border.

“Finally, the day before the event we met one last time to loosen the soil and to dig out the holes for the bulbs to go in.”

“The event could not have gone ahead without some very busy people giving up their time to help us,” said Leon.

“As well as the thanks to Karin, huge thank you also goes to Adriana and a special mention to Curly for his hard work and positive spirit.

“Thanks go to Asan (Tu Plus Tu Photography tuandtu.com) for all the hard work taking and editing the excellent photos. Thank you Paula and Sheila for providing the much needed refreshments and biscuits for our participants on the day. We’d like to also thank our friends from the Wixams Walkers who helped us run the day and showed everyone where they needed to plant the bulbs.

“The Wixams Community Group would like to send a big thank you to Colin and the rest of the Lakeview Village Hall Committee for funding this project.

“Finally, we’d like to thank every single person who came out to take part in this event. By working together we have achieved something wonderful which will make people smile as they walk past our flowers next year.”

The planting didn’t stop with the event.

Each person taking part was given a small bag of daffodil bulbs.

“We hope they’ll enjoy putting them into their own gardens and it will remind them of their contribution to the Wixams community,” said Leon.

Someone’s always left to clean up…

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