Will Hooley meets: Laura Pagliaro, the Bedford boxer inspiring women into sport

Will Hooley and Laura Pagliaro
Will Hooley and Laura Pagliaro

Fast with her feet as well with her hands, the smiling enthusiastic character of Bedford amateur boxer, Laura Pagliaro, quite literally, as well as metaphorically, packs a punch.

Through her day job as a personal trainer at Bedford’s Core Performance Gym, Pagliaro knows about hard graft, waking up early and exercising herself and others to gain success.

For the Bedford-born ‘super-woman’, personal training is work but boxing is her life.

As an amateur boxer she’s based out of Bletchley Boxing Club, but also trains in the humble surroundings of the Branks Boxing Gym, Bedford.

Pagliaro fights under amateur status but there is certainly nothing amateur about her dedication to her sport.

Involved in martial arts since the age of 13, Pagliaro is a local story of someone’s love for a sport, as well as commitment and success.

A gold medal at the beginning of June in the East Midlands Box Cup illustrates her hard work, talent and love for her passion.

Fighting in the welter weight category she also won gold at the infamous Haringey Box Cup last summer, a competition recognised by all amateurs and even professionals.

The likes of Anthony Joshua and Nicola Adams have all claimed big victories at the amateur tournament in Alexandra Palace, fighting in numerous bouts over just one weekend!

However, what is most compelling about Pagliaro is not just her successes within boxing, but her drive to bring enthusiasm to women’s boxing and of course women’s sport.

As she mentions, the time we live in is no better for women with the numerous outreaches of sports on offer and equal opportunity to get involved.

She talks about the classes she runs for women to get trained in boxing technique and fitness, something more entertaining than simply going to the gym.

Pagliaro’s passion is certainly infectious, wishing to expand women’s boxing in Bedford but also stressing the importance that women must believe they can do it.

After meeting the local star, you really do see her energy and clear passion to get women into exercise and packing a punch.

These words certainly don’t do her story justice, as you’ll see in our exclusive interviews, her own words are definitely more inspiring.

To find out more about training with Laura visit her website or see what’s she up to on Facebook and Instagram.

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