What is an Attachment of Earnings and what to do if you get an order?

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If you live in Bedford, England and you have taken a debt from a creditor or a specific financial organization, then you might have heard about the attachment of earnings.

But if you haven’t ever heard of it or you are planning to take or request a loan from your organization, then here are some things to understand and know about it.

What is an Attachment of Earnings?

If you took a debt from someone, then an attachment of earnings order is instructed to cut off a specific amount from your monthly wages, for the debt repayment. The court makes this order and the money is sent to the court (through your employer) and then the legal authorities send that money to the creditor.

What happens when you get an attachment of earnings?

It is very important to take the court’s order seriously (if you have received one). If the creditor sends you a notice of attachment of earnings, through the court, then the matter is handed over to the legal authorities and there is no way out but to handle the situation legally.

You must know how to respond to this letter or order and we will guide you through it.

This notice or order comes with a form. This is better known as a N56 form and is meant for you. You are required to respond to the court, by filling this form. Legally, this form is known as the statement of means. The form must be filled and returned to the court within eight days. You must attach a copy of your recent wage slip, along with the form.

It is very important to get back to the court, within eight days, else-wise you will get a summons. You will have to present in court and face queries about not getting back.

Moreover, if you keep avoiding the court order, you can be prosecuted within a month or even 15 days. However, it is important to know that you have the power to apply to the court to suspend the attachment of earnings. But you must get back to the court timely and discuss the matter with them closely too.

How much do you have to pay?

The payment of attachment of earnings is settled by the court. However, the court makes sure that only a minimum amount is requested to be cut from your monthly wage. But if you change your job during this time or are suspended from your workplace, you need to inform your creditor right away.

Can you suspend the attachment of earnings?

Yes you can but only if the court accepts your reasons for the suspension. If the reasons presented are real and rational, only then the order can be suspended. Also, you will have to set a plan with the creditor for repayment of the debt.

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