Mohammad Yasin MP gives his view on the People’s Vote

Brexit in Bedford

Yesterday, Labour announced it was getting off the fence and backing a second referendum on Britain’s EU exit to prevent a “damaging Tory Brexit being forced on the country”.

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, told a meeting of Labour MPs that the party will support or put forward an amendment in favour of a public vote in order to avoid such a scenario.

Bedford’s Labour MP, Mohammad Yasin – who campaigned for Remain – said:

“I know that Bedford & Kempston are divided on the issue of Brexit, and I also know that a second referendum is not necessarily the answer to all of these problems.

“But I am equally convinced that something has to happen now to break this deadlock, and since a General Election appears unlikely and Theresa May has not delivered the good deal she promised, the next logical steps are those set out by Jeremy Corbyn and front bench colleagues yesterday.

“I’m therefore backing Labour’s amendment which seeks a deal that will maintain strong ties with Europe. Should that not pass, an extension of article 50 is essential – because we desperately need more time – and furthermore I will support a people’s vote.

“My constituents deserve the chance to tell us if they believe the deal that we’ve been offered is good enough.”

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