Wet weather doesn’t perturb Bedford sprinters from posting personal bests in Kettering

Image: Stephen Simmonds at Loughborough (Bedford and County Athletics)

There were some fine performances by young Bedford and County Athletics Club sprinters at Kettering on 18th May, with the Under-17 contingent front and centre in typically wet weather.

There were personal bests for Jasmine Wilkins over 100 metres who ran a solid 12.60, and at 200 metres (26.11), as well as for Ben Moseray, also over 100 metres in 11.67 and 200 metres in 23.55.

Desmond Junior Agbenu didn’t run his fastest time, but still won his 100 metre race in 11.46.

On Saturday 22nd May, the action moved to a cold and windy Milton Keynes, where the club’s male distance squad competed in the 3000 metre event.

Jack Goodwin led home the Bedford contingent, coming in 5th in a quality field. His 8:09.63 was his fastest since 2015.

Matt Bray, finishing in a new personal best of 8:14.28, was only a couple of places behind. Both Jack and Matt move into the UK senior top forty on the back of those performances.

There were also a string of other Bedford personal bests for Jono Janes (8:31.63), Harry Brodie (8:38.00), Sam Knee-Robinson (8:41.22) and Ed Blythman (8:45.87).

Harry West (9:20.94), James Vinnicombe (9:46.02) and M45 athlete, Les Thomas (11:01.30) were also all personal bests.

Rebecca Murray’s 9:45.41 was not a personal best, but that time does move her in this year’s UK top 50 as she improves with every race.

Finally, on Sunday 23rd May, teenager Stephen Simmons achieved an impressive third place in the Under-20 Men’s 110 metre hurdles guest race at the prestigious Loughborough International meeting.

In only his second race of the season, his time of 14.46 seconds ranks him fourth in the  UK Under-20 list for 2021.

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