Wells & Co seek partners for popular Kempston pub

King William IV
King William IV, Kempston

Charles Wells Pub Company are looking for new pub partners for the King William IV pub in Kempston.

The popular pub goes back to the 1600s, making it one of the area’s oldest buildings. It was given a grade II listing in 1962.

Colin Spilling is the Regional Development Manager (RDM) who will work closely with the new pub partners. “The King William IV is a Kempston institution, he said.

“It’s much loved by its locals and brimming with potential for a strong new operator to take it to the next level.”

With a long and strong reputation of wholesome food, great beer and friendly customers, the King William IV is popular with locals, and people from nearby Bedford and Milton Keynes.

The building itself is a perfect example of a historical pub.

Flagstone floors and a massive fireplace give a nod to a simpler time, and exactly the charm you’d expect with a country pub.

But it’s spacious layout means the pub can be adaptable to customers’ needs, allowing for everything from coffee to business meetings from a Friday night pint to a Sunday night quiz.

What’s more, as we head into summer, the large rear garden, gives everyone a chance to enjoy a local brew at their local pub in the sun.


  • Profit potential of £59000 per year
  • Dining for 100 covers
  • Strong kerbside appeal on a rural area on the outskirts of Kempston
  • Opportunities for development considered
  • Payment plan available for fixtures and fittings

The ideal pub partner would understand both town and village life and is keen to become an integral part of their local community.

“We’d love to see someone from the Bedford area, who understands the pub and its community, take it on. If this sounds like you then we’re keen to hear from you,” added Colin.

To build upon the pub’s already strong dining reputation a strong focus on food is essential, as is the passion for serving high-quality cask ale and other drinks.

To find out more about this opportunity, head to the Charles Wells Pub Company website.

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