Wells & Co.’s new home, Brewpoint, is brought to life by local filmmaker


When local brewing family, Wells & Co. began construction of their landmark new Bedford HQ, Brewpoint, they were keen to capture this moment in the history of their family business.

After putting the word out for a photographer to collaborate with, Adam Cochrane of ADC Films quite literally rose to the challenge, after the editor of the Bedford Independent had suggesteded a drone-lapse film, charting the progress from the ground up.

And now that Brewpoint is open for business, Wells & Co. and ADC Films are excited to share the results of their collaboration.

(photo: Adam Cochrane ADC Films)

Adam Cochrane explains: “When Erica [Roffe] explained what Wells & Co. were setting out to achieve, and their desire to capture the build process via some sort of timelapse, the chance to try something a little different presented itself.

“As a commercial drone pilot, I saw an opportunity to document progress on the build from above, ‘dissolving’ one short snippet of film into the next.”

The project wasn’t without its challenges. Adam had to find a way to work safely alongside the teams on the construction site who were themselves faced with something of a stop-start work schedule due to the pandemic.

“Month by month we captured our updates and chronicled the build process. High winds were also a factor – they can throw the drone 20ft into the air, making consistency from one shot to the next an issue at times – but with a bit of tinkering in post-production I’m more than satisfied with the end result.”

Peter Wells, Group Manager Director for Wells & Co., adds: “As it was the first time Adam had attempted this process, we knew it was something of a risk, but we at Wells & Co. are not afraid of a bit of experimentation and we admired his vision.

“We’re glad we took the plunge; the end result brings Brewpoint’s build to life in a dynamic and innovative way.

“The construction of our new home was a serious undertaking for us, even without the small matter of a global pandemic to contend with at the same time, so to emerge from a challenging year with this unique timelapse is an amazing memento for us.”

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