Well-deserved national award for Bedfordshire Police volunteer

Helen Armitage receives her award

One of Bedfordshire Police’s longest-serving and busiest volunteers has received a well-deserved national award.

Helen Armitage has carried out numerous volunteer roles with Bedfordshire Police and a wide variety of other public services in recent years.

Her considerable efforts were recognised at the British Association for Women in Policing (BAWP) awards this week, where she was presented with the top prize in the police volunteer of the year category.

Among her achievements as a volunteer, Helen has joined police officers and PCSOs on Op Vision patrols to provide reassurance and crime prevention advice to people in Bedford.

Helen acted as the Bedfordshire coordinator for the Local Crime: Community Sentence programme, where she arranged presentations to community groups by magistrates and the probation service.

She also worked with the head of Bedfordshire local policing to help with the launch of a new hate crime strategy as a member of the force’s hate crime working group.

Helen volunteered with the Coroner’s Courts Support Service, supporting families and witnesses going through the ordeal of an inquest.

She is trained as a restorative justice practitioner with Restorative Solutions and volunteered with Bedfordshire Victim Care Services.

Helen (back row, second from the left) at the British Association of Women in Policing awards

But it is not just as a volunteer in policing where Helen has made an impact, having worked as a journalist and trained as a magistrate.

She continues to volunteer for Dog Watch, sings in two choirs and has supported local civic groups such as the Women’s Institute, rotary clubs and Inner Wheel.

Helen received her well-deserved award at the BAWP awards in Chester on Monday 13 June.

Chief Superintendent Julie Henderson, head of people and workforce at Bedfordshire Police, said: “Helen has unique skills and experience which bring a different perspective to policing and ensure we are delivering a high level of service to all our communities.

“You only need to look at all the activities she has been involved in to see Helen’s passion for helping her local community.

“Her professionalism and commitment to Bedfordshire Police is extraordinary. We are extremely grateful for her service and all her efforts to support our vision to fight crime and protect the public together.”


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