Watch or listen to Bedford’s Remembrance Day Service live this Sunday

Pte Lionetti at the 2109 Remembrance Parade at Bedford War Memorial
Pte Lionetti at the 2109 Remembrance Parade at Bedford War Memorial

The Bedford Independent will be giving people unable to attend this year’s Remembrance Day Service a chance to ‘remember them from home’ with a live broadcast of the service.

While last year’s services were on a smaller scale, there are no restrictions to this year’s services and they return to their traditional format, with members of the public invited to take part and pay their respects.

Services in the Borough, include:

  • The main traditional wreath-laying ceremony and march-past will be held at the War Memorial, Bedford Embankment at 11.00am. After the wreath-laying, the Parade will march down the Embankment, across the High Street and St Paul’s Square, finishing in Harpur Square.
  • Kempston Town Council has arranged a Remembrance Service at Kempston East Methodist Church on Sunday 14 November at 2.30pm, followed by a parade to the War Memorial for the silence and the laying of wreaths.
  • Wreath-laying ceremonies are also taking place at the South African Campaign Memorial (outside the Swan Hotel), at Elstow Abbey, and in villages across the Borough.

But, as some people may still be unsure about attending public services, or might not be able to for other reasons, they can watch the town’s main service live at

Hospital Radio Bedford (HRB) will also be broadcasting audio from the service at, having started their Remembrance Day broadcasts the day before.

From Saturday (13 November) between 10am and 4pm, presenters will be broadcasting live from the Royal British Legion Poppy Shop in the old Clarks Shoe Shop on Harpur Street.

They’ll fill the six hours with music, chat and interviews with Legion volunteers as well as welcoming any requests and dedications from visitors to the shop.

“We are proud to be supporting the Royal British Legion with this series of Outside Broadcasts,” said Ian Griffiths, Trustee of HRB.

“We hope that we can do our little bit to encourage people to visit the shop and offer their own support to a very worthy cause too.”

HRB will continue their Saturday broadcasts until 18 December.

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