Violent armed robber jailed for six years for Bedford jewellery shop theft

Michael Crichlow
Michael Crichlow

A Bedford man has been sentenced to six years and six weeks in prison after pleading guilty to the violent armed robbery of a town centre jewellers.

Michael Crichlow, 27, of Sandhurst Place, Bedford committed an armed robbery in a jewellery shop in Church Arcade in December 2019, making off with £15,000 worth of rings.

On 17 December last year, Crichlow entered the shop and pretended he was interested in purchasing a ring.

After speaking to a member of staff, Crichlow followed them to the back office and then violently attacked them with a hammer.

He stole a number of rings from the shop tray, with an estimated value of £15,000 and fled from the scene, leaving behind his weapon and one glove.

Both items were forensically examined and DNA was found on both linking Crichlow to the robbery. He was arrested on 27 December 2019, ten days after the incident.

Thanks to CCTV, Bedfordshire Police’s Crime Investigation Team managed to identify the robber as Crichlow due to his unique walk seen on the CCTV from the scene.

He was also seen visiting the shop the day before the robbery, making enquiries about purchasing jewellery.

Detective Constable Aroop Nandre, from Bedfordshire Police Crime Investigation Team, said, “Crichlow committed a violent robbery which left the victim with long lasting physical and psychological scars.

“The sheer forced used by him to attack the victim caused the hammers handle to snap. We cannot even imagine the trauma this attack has caused to the victim.

“The attack was also premeditated as Crichlow came in to the shop armed and with a plan to attack his victim.

“We are satisfied with the sentencing and we hope he will spend this time reconsidering his life choices.

“We also want to reiterate that we don’t tolerate violent crime and we are dedicated to bringing perpetrators to justice.”

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