Vaccine drop-in sessions at the Harpur Suite in Bedford town centre this Saturday 19 June

The Harpur Suite (right) in Harpur Square

Bedford residents can get their Pfizer Covid-19 (coronavirus) vaccine in Bedford town centre this weekend, with a drop-in clinic opening for the day at the Harpur Suite.

NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens announced on Tuesday (15 June) that all people aged 18 and over will be eligible for the lifesaving jab by the end of the week.

In Bedford, vaccines will be available to anyone over the age of 18 at the drop-in session from 11am – 5pm on Saturday (19 June). No appointment is necessary.

Where to get your jab

Drop-in sessions for first or second doses of the vaccine are available at the following locations from today (Thursday) until Sunday (20 June):

Bedford Heights, Manton Lane, Bedford (Pfizer drop-in only in the main building)

  • Thursday 17 June: 9am-19:00
  • Friday 18 June: 9am-19:00
  • Saturday 19 June: 9am-19:00
  • Sunday 20 June: 9am-19:00

Bedford Heights, Manton Lane, Bedford (AstraZeneca drop-in only at the bus in the carpark)

  • Thursday 17 June: 9am-15:00
  • Friday 18 June: 9am-15:00
  • Saturday 19 June: 9am-15:00
  • Sunday 20 June: 9am-15:00


The Harpur Suite, Harpur Square, Bedford (Pfizer drop-in only)

  • Saturday 19 June: 11am-17:00

Kings House, Ampthill Road, Bedford (Pfizer drop-in only)

  • Saturday 19 June: 13:00-19:00
Pfizer vaccine

2nd dose now available from eight weeks after first jab

The Chair of NHS Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group (BLMK CCG), Dr Sarah Whiteman has encouraged local residents to come forward for their first jab and remember to get their second dose, which they called “vital and lifesaving”.

The plea comes as people aged 40 and over are now able to book in their second jab on the national booking system from eight weeks after their first dose.

Research this week showed how important the second jab is at protecting people against the Delta/Indian variant.

Studies have found the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to be 96% effective against hospitalisation after two doses.

The Oxford-AztraZenaca is 92% effective.

This last push comes as the NHS in England passed the milestone of having delivered 60 million doses across England in just six months.

Almost a million vaccinations* have been given so far in the BLMK region here, at over 60 local vaccination sites.

Dr Sarah Whiteman said: “Thanks to the incredible work of NHS staff up and down the country, more than three-quarters of adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine, with over half having received both.

“I am thrilled that in BLMK, many of our adults have taken up the offer of the jab and in doing so, are helping the country as a whole beat this devastating virus.

“The offer of the vaccine is evergreen, so if you have been invited but are yet to make an appointment, please do so today and bring us one step closer to freedom.”

Bookings can be made via the National Booking Service, while people who cannot get online can call the service on 119 for extra support in doing so.

The service will open to those in their early 20s in the coming days.

Text invitations appear as an alert from ‘NHSvaccine’, including a web link to the NHS website to making a booking.

Vaccinations are being administered at more than 1,600 sites across the country, including temples, museums and – in Bedford’s case, shopping hubs – meaning the vast majority of the people live within 10 miles of at least one vaccination service.

You will be offered a choice of appointments at NHS Vaccination Centres or pharmacy-led vaccination services, as well as some GP-led sites.

For more information and full details of local vaccination sites, visit the BLMK CCG website.

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