Two men jailed over Alexandra Road axe and machete ‘retribution’ attack

Mohammed Hussain and Gary Lecky

Two men who carried out a vicious retribution attack with an axe and a machete have been jailed for more than 10 years.

Last October, Gary Lecky and Mohammed Hussain got out of a car armed with their weapons and attacked their victim in Alexandra Road, Bedford.

After striking the victim multiple times with their weapons – leaving him with serious injuries to his face, head, neck and left hand – the two men left the scene in the same vehicle.

The victim was helped by a Bedfordshire Police PCSO who was on patrol in the area, while armed officers were able to track the car Lecky and Hussain left the scene in.

They traced the car back to a hotel in Bedford and CCTV enquiries enabled detectives to identify Hussain and Lecky.

CCTV captured Lecky and Hussain leaving the scene together in the same car

CCTV showed Lecky wearing the same distinctive hat in the hotel less than half an hour before the attack took place, as well as on Alexandra Road when the incident unfolded.

CCTV from the hotel

Phone records were also used to link Hussain to the incident.

It is believed the attack was carried out in retaliation to an earlier assault in Bedford.

Lecky, 57, of Hitchin Road, Luton, and Hussain, 30, of Gibbons Road, Bedford, last week pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, as well as possession of an offensive weapon.

Both were jailed for five years and four months for the assault and 12 months for the weapons offence, which will be served at the same time.

Two other men were also sentenced after pleading guilty to assisting an offender in connection to the incident.

CCTV from Alexandra Road

Anthony Honeybourne, 35, of no fixed address, received a jail term of 16 months, while a fourth man was given a suspended sentence for the same offence.

Investigation officer Emily Partington, from Bedfordshire Police, said: “This was a shocking and pre-meditated attack where Lecky and Hussain were intent on causing the victim serious harm.

“Given the weapons involved and the brutal nature of the attack, it is lucky that the victim did not suffer even more serious injuries.

“This has been a painstaking investigation by our detectives and I would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work in bringing these two violent offenders to justice.

“Violent criminals have no place in our county and we will pursue anyone who acts in this way and put them behind bars.”

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