Blues Foundation and UoB launch project to improve Bedford’s physical and mental health

Blues Foundation and University of Bedfordshire TRY to change

A project helping people to make positive lifestyle choices to benefit their physical and mental well-being has been launched by the Bedford’s Blues Foundation and the University of Bedfordshire.

‘TRY to Change’ is a community lifestyle and wellness programme devised by the Foundation and experts from the University’s School of Sports Science & Physical Activity (SSPA).

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They say TRY to Change is a realistic and sustainable weight management programme for people looking to make positive lifestyle changes.

It will be open to adults over 30 with a BMI above 30.

Over the 10-week course, it’s hoped participants will find practical fitness solutions that empowers them, focusing on positive physical and mental wellbeing.

Bite-sized pointers from each different session will equip participants with the tools and methods needed to aid positive and long term behavioural traits that they can take away with them.

Dr Martyn Morris, head of SSPA, said: “Our staff and students have really enjoyed developing this new programme which we hope will help local adults who wish to improve their health, fitness and overall wellbeing through keeping active.”

Taking place at the University’s Bedford campus, just a five-minute drive from the Bedford Blues’ home turf on Goldington Road, the programme will consist of a combination of exercise classes, mini workshops and informational activity sessions led by SSPA staff and students.

“The University’s partnership with the Blues Foundation has already proved rewarding and we can’t wait to roll this initiative out further,” added Dr Morris.

Following the initial 10-week pilot, TRY to Change courses will be adapted based on participant feedback and professional observations. Aiming to help as many people as possible, as individually as they can.

Tom Harwood, Manager of the Blues Foundation, added, “We are so grateful to the University of Bedfordshire for enabling this project to happen.

“There is such need for the programme as we try and find sustainable to suitable options to help people maintain their physical and mental health.

“Drawing on the expertise of the University and utilising our community reach, we hope that TRY to Change will continue helping people for years to come.”

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