Travellers moved on from Brickhill…to Great Denham, Newnham, Elstow and Mowsbury Park

Brickhill travellers' site
The encampment in Brickhill was moved on yesterday.

Following the news that a travellers’ site in Brickhill was successfully moved on by Bedfordshire Police last night (9 September), sightings emerged of new encampments in Newnham, Elstow, Great Denham and Mowsbury Park.

Speaking about the encampment in Great Denham, Steve Gallagher, Vice Chair of Great Denham Parish Council, said:

“The Parish Council have been working with the council who had acted swiftly after the last incident to put in wooden barriers and pavement bollards but unfortunately as this is not all public land have not yet been able to complete this for the whole park.

“However, they will be working with other landowners to install other barriers where feasible as soon as possible.”

This is the second time in three months that travellers have set up on the land in Great Denham.

Bedfordshire Police have confirmed that they are working closely with Bedford Borough Council to reach a resolution.

“We’re aware of these encampments and the impact they have on the community,” said a spokesperson for Bedfordshire Police.

“We’re in the process of visiting the sites, making an assessment on the individual circumstances and working with our partners at the council to take appropriate and timely action.”

The Bedford Independent will update this story as soon as more information becomes available.

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