Top tips to save money on your home energy bills

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As energy prices rise and the coming cold winter months approach, many are wondering how they can save some energy at home to prevent eye-watering bills come October.

Currently, the annual energy bill for a household is £1,971. However, from 1 October, the cost is due to rise 80% – to £3,549.

Today, new prime minister, Ms Truss, will make known her plans to limit this price, however there are many changes that you can make to reduce the cost of your energy bills.

Here are some easy ones:

  • Turning off lights when you leave a room
  • Limiting your time in the shower instead of taking baths
  • Not leaving your devices on standby
  • Addressing window and door draughts

Service Manager, Darren Leigh, at SDG Electrical and Mechanical Engineering LTD has come up with six different areas where you can make small changes in your home and save money.

These six categories are: electricity, windows and doors, hot water, cold water, lighting, and heating.

He told the Bedford Independent: “These six categories give tips and advice in the areas that will cost you the most money.

“Regarding hot water, you should insulate any exposed pipework to retain the hot water temperature and you can even do this from home as materials are readily available from DIY shops.

“Also, turn down the temperature on combi boilers to no less than 50 degrees. If you reduce your temperature and lag your pipework, this will help.”

Darren also advised small changes such as filling your washing machine and dishwasher fully, setting your washing machine at 30 degrees, and changing your conventional bulbs to LED lights (cheaper and will last longer).

“Try not to overfill your kettle and only fill what you need, this could save you on average £33.00 a year, which although not a massive number will make a difference.

“Use your tumble dryers less, if at all… tumble dryers, hot water cylinders and gas boilers are the three appliances that use the most amount of energy,” he said.

To find out more information on these categories, visit SDG Electrical and Mechanical Engineering LTD.

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