Tom Grennan features in landmark NHS mental health ‘Help’ campaign


Chart-topping Bedfordian, Tom Grennan, is among some of the biggest UK artists who feature in a new NHS mental health campaign using the iconic Beatles song ‘Help!”.

The campaign aims to encourage people struggling with their mental health to seek support.

It features the former St Thomas More student alongside other top names from the UK music industry including Craig David, Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts, Laura Mvula, Ella Henderson and Max George.

Tom’s former teacher, Angela Costello, has told the Bedford Independent how she feels, seeing him speaking out on the subject.

“I am extremely proud of Tom that he is able to use his platform to speak up about mental health,” she said.

“Thank you Tom for reminding people that they are not alone on this journey that is life.”

‘Help!’, written by John Lennon in 1964, was credited by the songwriter as one of his most honest and genuine songs and with lyrics like ‘Help me if you can I’m feeling down’, the song is the ideal soundtrack to get others thinking about their mental health.

Sony Music and Apple Corps have donated the lyrics and melody of the Beatles classic to the campaign.

New figures released this week show that more than 48% of people in the east of England were concerned about their mental health last year.

Around 45% also experience stress, anxiety, low mood or depression, with 61%reporting that they did not seek professional help – many more could benefit.

56% of people said they were planning to focus more on their mental health in 2022 and the NHS is encouraging anybody experiencing anxiety, depression, or other common mental health concerns to come forward and see how talking therapies can help them.

NHS mental health talking therapies are a confidential service run by fully trained experts and can be accessed by self-referral or through your GP.

The all-star awareness campaign, which will run across radio, social media, and on-demand, is also being backed by a number of leading charities.

Helen Hardy, Regional Head of Mental Health, Clinical Networks and Transformation in East of England said: “We recognise the impact and stress that the pandemic has caused people in the east of England over the last two years. At times we can all feel anxious, low in mood, worried or panicky.

“If this is impacting your wellbeing NHS talking therapies can offer support to help you overcome and deal with these challenges. You can access these services directly yourself or a GP can put you in touch.

“NHS talking therapies have been helping people since 2008, they are free, effective, confidential and support can be offered in a variety of ways to suit you.”

More information about where to seek help and how to self-refer for treatment is online here.

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