Toiletries, food and clothing donated for Bedford Homeless Partnership by Wixams residents

Wixams homeless collection

Over 60 residents and volunteers from the Wixams Community Group took part in a collection in partnership with Bedford Homeless Partnership.

A drop-off session was held in Lakeview Village Hall on Saturday 25 January to collect items for homeless people in Bedford.

In collaboration with Bedford Homeless Partnership, the group produced a list of recommended items that rough sleepers might need during the cold season.

Over the three hour event more than 60 members of the community arrived with bags filled with donations, including new and unused items.

“I was absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone in Wixams, and simply stunned by the variety and volume of items which were donated,” said Richard Oxlade, who ran the project on behalf of the Wixams Community Group.

“Not only did we receive plenty of used warm clothing, books, food and toiletries, we also received a whole load of brand new clothing too, which really was unexpected.”

Once the donation bags were emptied and sorted, a tally of some of the key items was made to share with the community:

Wixams homeless collection
An infographic showing the donated items

“We had no idea how successful this project would be but the people just kept coming one after another with their donations,’” said Adriana from the Wixams Community Group.

“I’d like to sincerely thank everyone for helping us create such a massive community contribution, it really will make a difference to a lot of people’s lives.”

Angela Foll, Chair of Bedford Homeless Partnership, said, “We are extremely grateful for all the items donated by the Wixams community, which will be distributed to homeless people by the hard-working local charities across the Bedford area.”

Bedford Homeless Partnership brings together groups and organisations who deliver services for, and/or are passionate about homeless people in Bedford, and individuals with direct experience of homelessness.

Homelessness is a term which includes people who are sleeping rough, as well as those in emergency accommodation, B&B accommodation, sofa surfing, or living in short-term hostels.