Three months for Bedford shoplifter who ignored town centre exclusion order

Arrest Police

Jerome Trim, 27, has been jailed for three months after he ignored a Retail Exclusion Order and carried out a number of thefts from shops in Bedford.

Trim, of no fixed address, had been given a 12 month Retail Exclusion Order in October 2018 as part of the Bedford Bid Exclusion Scheme, after reports he’d been persistently shoplifting and aggressively begging.

Ignoring the order, Trim continued to commit further shoplifting offences in Bedford and was arrested and charged with four counts of burglary, as the banning order effectively meant he entered the stores as a trespasser.

PCSO Daniel James, from the Bedford Urban Community Policing team, said: “Trim has been causing a nuisance amongst retailers in Bedford town centre for some time, which is why he was issued with a Retail Exclusion Order.

“Having breached this order within such a short time period, I am pleased that Trim was given a custodial sentence and he now has time to reflect on his actions. I hope this sentence will also deter others from thinking that shoplifting is acceptable behaviour.”

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