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Over half of Bedford's shops are independently owned & run by local people. With a higher percentage of independent shops than Cambridge, there's a growing perception that Bedford is a great place to come shopping.

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Newspaper is not only convenient to use, but it also uses very low resources and loads extremely fast. Welcome to the future!

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A half term activity along the Marston Vale railway line will put children’s spotting skills to the test, as they seek hidden
Like so many things this year, we have had to cancel Bedfringe. This was a heart wrenching decision for us, and we are desperate to return
Recent events have caused a sharp focus onto the Black Lives Matter movement. I have taken some time to do some reading, and we have all no doubt seen many
Bedford-based Macadamia nut supplier Nutcellars recently teamed-up with Clanger aficionado, David Gunns of Gunns Bakery to revive the traditional
As home schooling has entered the summer term it’s great to remember to try to get your kids to read for pleasure and here are a few titles for those aged 9
The last few weeks have had some major releases and there are two that might get passed over that I wanted to highlight. Technically these are Young Adult
We catch up with James Pharaoh about what his ideal first day after lockdown will look like.Lockdown continues albeit with some small changes,
Another month has gone by and the world has certainly changed a bit! Reading now more than ever is a brilliant escape.During April the six books shortlisted