Watch: Grammy winning Eurovision songwriter performs Spaceman preview at friends’ party

Bedford couple, Anita Gabrielle and Steph Daniels, were given an anniversary surprise to remember when their friend and Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, Amy Wadge, performed an exclusive preview of the UK’s Eurovision entry, Spaceman, at their anniversary party earlier this month.

The song, co-written by Amy and Sam Ryder, was performed by Sam at the annual contest on Saturday (14 May) in Turin.

For the first time in over a decade, the UK not only made it above double digits, but topped the jury vote, finally coming second only to Ukraine.

Anita told the Bedford Independent, “On Sunday 8 May, my partner Steph and I celebrated our 41st year together and our old friend, Amy Wadge (Grammy award-winner with Ed Sheeran) said she wanted to come to our celebration and play for us.

“In fact, we had talked about it when we met up in Nashville in September 2019, before Covid struck. She has supported my songwriting efforts to raise money for Parkinson’s UK and Friends of Refugees.”

Steph, Anita and Amy have been friends for nearly 20 years and whenever Amy’s on the road, she stays with the couple at their home in Bedford.

As well as co-penning the most successful UK Eurovision entry for many years, Amy won the 2016 Grammy award for song of the year for Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud.

“We have seen the ups and downs of her career – and goodness me, everything she touches turns to gold at the moment, the latest being the success of Sam Ryder at Eurovision, but she has recently been working with Andrea Boccelli, Christina Perri as well as Ed Sheeran,” said Anita.

At the party, Anita said she had the honour of singing four songs with Amy, one being her song ‘Best Friends’ (written for Steph) which Amy played the piano and sang on.

The song is on Anita’s EP ‘Just Neat’ which she will be performing at this year’s Bedfringe.

“A friend recorded Amy singing ‘Spaceman’ in our back garden at our party and I only shared on FB with friends until Amy got in touch and asked if I would make it public for her to share, so of course I did.

“Since then, it’s been viewed on Facebook about 7,000 times.”

Speaking to BBC News, Amy, who has also written hits for Camila Cabello, Kylie and Alicia Keys – attributed Sam’s success to a change in mentality.

“I think it’s just a flip in attitude,” she said.

“For a long time we, as Brits, built this thing up of, ‘Well, we’re just going to lose’.

“But this year the thinking was, ‘How about we don’t do that, and we look at it with the sort of respect that other countries do?”

And that positive mental attitude definitely paid off.

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