Share your memories of Bedford High Street for arts project

An arts company is asking for residents’ memories of working, socialising and shopping on Bedford High Street as part of a local history project.

In association with the High Streets Heritage Action Zone, Steve Yarwood and Jon Bickley of Invisible Folk are aiming to record these memories to use as commentary on a digital walking tour of the High Street area.

“It will be a Bedford tour voiced by the people of Bedford,” explained Steve.

“It will be available free of charge via a mobile phone app and online. We are also developing other ideas to share your stories to a wider audience.”

Steve and Jon are hoping to talk to the generations of Bedfordians who have worked, socialised and celebrated in the streets and buildings between Bunyan’s statue down to the Town Bridge and around into St Paul’s Square.

Did you spend your youth at The Rose til close, or did you love shopping at All Ears?

What did you do, see, feel, hear and experience? Where did you go to work or relax? Are there any shops or other businesses specific to your community that you regularly visit or visited?

“For a town of its size, Bedford has an amazing diversity of communities, something that deserves to be celebrated,” said Steve.

“We are keen to speak to a wide range of people and be more inclusive of underrepresented voices.”

If you would like to take part, please contact Interviews can take place online or in person and will take up to an hour.

Invisible Folk is a not-for-profit arts company that has worked in partnership with local arts organisations including The Higgins Bedford.

The High Streets Heritage Action Zone is a government-funded programme delivered by Historic England to unlock the potential of high streets across England and give them a new lease of life.

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