Priory Primary pupils’ live news broadcast wows theatre audiences

Local news took centre stage at the Place Theatre on Saturday, when children from Priory Primary School brought their news show to a live audience.

The children who took part in News News News project wowed the audience with their reporting and interviewing skills which were the culmination of three weeks of research and filming, working alongside world-renowned artists, Andy Field and Beckie Darlington, to hone their reporting skills.

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Since the beginning of the new term, the children have been researching reports on three different topics from their perspective as Bedford residents: noise, anti-social behaviour and the River Great Ouse.

And Saturday night saw all their hard work come together in the live show screening the children’s pre-recorded interviews, some live phone calls and face-to-face interviews with the audience.

As well as the live performance, the event was streamed on YouTube. You can watch it here:


Elaine Midgley, Director of Bedford Creative Arts (BCA) said: “The whole project came together really well. The children worked really hard on their interviews and on the live show.

“The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance and joined in when required. Although the news reporting had a serious edge the children carried it off with a touch of humour. It was a great event so well done to all of those involved.”

The show got five-star reviews from the audience too.

“I was amazed at the confidence of the children and the content they produced, it was a fantastic show and very funny,” said one audience member.

“I can’t wait for the next show when Boris isn’t Prime Minister, and everyone has pets,” said another.

“I hadn’t thought about the river being 1,000 years of history and the kids were great!”

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