Interview: “It’s going to be emotional” says Tom Grennan ahead of sold out Bedford Park show

Ahead of his sold-out hometown performance at Bedford Park this Saturday, Tom Grennan was up bright and early today to chat to the Bedford Clanger.

Bedford Clanger: Last summer you played a sold-out residency at Esquires. How did that feel?

Tom Grennan: It was a really special time. Esquires means the world to me and I still get buzzed up when I think about it. Just going back to Esquires gives me a pretty mad feeling – I can’t really explain it.

BC: Fast-forward a year to 2022, could you ever imagine selling-out Bedford Park?

TG: To have sold out the Bedford Park concert is unreal. To know people are coming to sing and celebrate with me; it’s going to be emotional!

Hopefully, this is the first of many. It would be great to keep coming back as an annual event.

BC: You’ve toured all over the world. What is your favourite place you’ve visited?

TG: All of it! I’m in a position where I’m seeing places I never thought I’d go so I’m trying to take everything in and I’m so grateful that I’ve got the chance to see these places.

This might not last forever, so I just want to make the most of it.

BC: How will it feel to share the stage on Saturday with The Scruff and The Wholls?

The Scruff will be supporting Tom on Saturday

TG: It’ll be amazing! They’re some of my best friends and we were chatting recently about when we met 10 years ago when we all shared a stage at Esquires.

It’s crazy to think I’ll be back in Bedford this weekend and doing it with my best mates – people I always looked up to.

(Twitter @tom_grennan)

BC: You’ve got such a recognisable image and have done some amazing fashion shoots. Is that your own style or do you work with a stylist?

TG: It’s just me being myself. I’ve always wanted to be a bit different and sometimes I love wearing things that ruffle people’s feathers.

I’d wear any of the outfits I’ve worn into any pub in Bedford; it’s 2022 and you’ve got to do what you want!

BC: Who would your dream duet be with?

TG: So many to choose from, but I’d love to work with Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett or Miley Cyrus. I just love collaborating so would be up for any genre.

BC: What can the Bedford Park audience expect on Saturday?

TG: It’s going to be a celebration and we’ll be bringing the party!

It’s not just my gig, it’s everybody’s gig and I want everyone to have an amazing experience.

Rose til close? See you there!

BC: Are you going to the Rose til close afterwards?

TG: I’m definitely going to be out in town after the show, so come and say hi if you see me…

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