Interview: DJ Spoony “I can’t wait to be repping my adopted hometown”

On Saturday (26 February), DJ Spoony – one of the pioneers of the UK Garage scene – will be joining Club Momacoca’s Mark Russell to bring back-to-back bangers to the dancefloor of Esquires.

This is the first time Spoony has played in Bedford since moving here (and there are a few tickets still available here), so we couldn’t wait to find out what he’s got in store for his adopted hometown’s UKG fans…

Bedford Clanger: Why are you looking forward to playing Club Momacoca?

DJ Spoony: It’s a night that means a lot to the people of Bedford. I know Mark Russell has cultivated the crowd with the music policy over the years and that’s the kind of event every DJ wants to play at.

We also lost a dear friend MC Blakey last year who regularly appeared at Mamacoca so it carries a special feeling.

BC: How did the night come about?

DJ Spoony: I’m not sure of its entire history but I do know some big names have appeared at Club Momacoca down the years.

When Mark asked me if I’d like to spin, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

BC: This feels like a special event, you guys playing back to back all night?

DJ Spoony: Yes, it will be special. Growing up I used to practice a lot playing back to back. You always learn stuff playing like that.

As the Dreem Teem that’s often how we worked. You can really create a special vibe. Different to playing solo.

BC: What are the tracks you can’t wait to drop?

DJ Spoony: Now I can’t say specifically cause I genuinely don’t know yet. What I can tell you though is that it will be banger after banger…<

BC: Does it feel different to your usual gigs, now you’re living in Bedford?

DJ Spoony: Absolutely. Am repping my adopted home town and want to do a good job. There is a different kind of pressure knowing that if I don’t make someone dance, they are likely to tell me when I’m getting a hot chocolate at Bridges!

BC: Esquires is steeped in musical history dating back to the 80s. Will this be your first time playing there?

DJ Spoony: It is my first time. I spoke to the legendary Goldie when he was in the UK last and he was on his way there.

Crazy, an international superstar like Goldie spinning in my town.

A warm welcome awaits as Esquires (Photo: Neil McCarty)

BC: How were those Dreem Team / Radio 1 days?

DJ Spoony: Some of the best days of my life. I love Timmi and Mikee like brothers. Even now when we speak the humour and mind-reading is special.

It was a huge thing for UKG as genre to be represented on national radio and we were delighted to be given that responsibility.

The Dreem Teem: Spoony, Timmi Magic and Mikee B (image: Dreem Teem Facebook page)

BC: How did you find lockdowbn and doing your Spoony’s House shows?

DJ Spoony: I think I managed and coped in lockdown because of the Spoony’s House streams.

Music is my sanctuary and I was able to find some peace and space whilst playing music. I struggled with watching people not coping. That was hard.

BC: How is 2022 looking for you, is there anything exciting you can share?

DJ Spoony: The year has started well. We are back on the road, playing music all over and summer looks like it will be busy.

Hopefully some more slots on Radio 2 – I love radio – and it would be nice to appear on some of the big events that happen in Bedford too of course…

You can pick up some of the last remaining tickets for the Club Momacoca night at Bedford Esquires on Saturday 26 February here.

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