Exclusive interview: Alfie Templeman chats ahead of his hometown gig at Esquires

Following sell-out tours of the US, Europe and beyond, local lad done (very) good, Alfie Templeman, is to showcase songs from his new album Mellow Moon at a hometown gig this Friday (27 May) at Esquires.

The Clanger’s Lloyd Lugsden got to speak to Alfie beforehand…

Bedford Clanger: How’s world domination going?
Alfie Templeman: Ha! Getting there slowly, we’ve done our first headline tour, over four weeks, half in the UK and half in Europe which was lots of fun!

BC: You’ve been touring the world, is there a favourite country or venue you’ve visited?
AT: The Paradiso in Amsterdam, an iconic venue was great fun. I picked Colonge as well – they had a great Burger King – they’re everywhere…and the German McDonald’s are different, in the French ones you can get beer.

BC: Strangest meal you’ve had on your travels?
AT: Well, last year in the US what struck me was the size of the drink cups for soft drinks, so big! The small ones were bigger the the large UK ones!
BC: all that fizz…!

BC: How did the album get the title Mellow Moon?
AT: During the pandemic, I was writing and recording and a lot of the time I’d write at night time. I kept noticing the moon and it became my companion – hence the name.

BC: Where was the album recorded?
AT: 80% at home in Bedfordshire, with drums in the garage.
BC: …and you do all your own instrumentation?
AT: Yes at home, I’d send the mixes to the producer who might add some synths. The other 20% was done in a barn in Suffolk with Will Bloomfield.

BC: Any gig plans for the summer?
AT: Yes, we’ve got festivals lined up plus more touring afterwards.

BC: You’ve done a few collaborations, anyone else you’d like to work with?
AT: Todd Rundgren! Though we have worked with him on the Minecraft project…I’d like to work with Ed Droste from Grisly Bear and this won’t happen…but Brian Eno!

BC: How’s the twin necked guitar?
AT: Ah! Still going strong! It’s not just the Jimmy Page thing but John McLaughlin of Mahuvishnu Orchestra. It’s great as I’ve got a 12 string now too and two people can play it at the same time!

BC: What was your first gig and how old were you?
AT: Bedford Rugby Club! With my mate Josh Shepherd, I was 13 and then Esquires when I was 14, I loved that gig!

BC: And what band did you watch as your first gig?
AT: Royal Blood in Birmingham… Oh, and King Crimson in Thurleigh [BC gasps at this point] there’s a studio up there where I did a PayPal ad…

Before he goes stratospheric, catch Alfie on your doorstep while you can.

Alfie Templeman plays Bedford Esquires, Friday 27 May, tickets are £15 from seetickets.com.

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