2020 Vision: Living Rooms & Loo Rolls exhibition continues online until February

An international exhibition that took place at the Basement @ Bunyan at the end of 2021 will continue online until 4 February to give more people the chance to see it.

2020 Vision: Living Rooms and Loo Rolls examines the global pandemic, lockdown and our experiences towards newfound focus.

At a time of social upheaval and unimaginable loss, the pandemic was rife, families became housebound and segregated, anguished at loved ones not only dying but dying alone.

Domestic violence and poverty like floods were on the rise. Food and production shortages caused panic buying with many filling their groundhog days sewing masks, upcycling furnishings and growing food.

Survival instincts kicked in and many felt dystopia had arrived.

Exhibition curator Mandy Caldon, a Bedfordshire artist and founder of Precious Earth Art Collective said: “The exhibition received an interesting response from artists.

“Fear, isolation, grief, and people’s connection with nature feature in much of the work, yet I was pleased to see humour throughout many pieces.

“People want and need laughter, there has been too much sadness. In conjunction with the exhibition, I am excited to be hosting a series of artist online talks, Living Room Live: In conversation with exhibiting artists.

“Many of the works are produced from upcycled materials, to reflect 2020’s ‘war time’.”

Local, national and international artists submitted sculpture, paintings, glass, and textiles to the exhibition, creating a powerful narrative.

International performance artists figure in a series of short films such Berlin-based performance artist Alexandra Holownia’s Cheek to Mask, Adam Koan’s MicrosFear and New York-based artist Anya Liftig’s TeenySleepers. Anya is best known for her performance entitled Anxiety of Influence at New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 2010.

The open day saw newly appointed Bard of Northampton Kezzabelle Ambler perform her spoken word poem/film Ignorance Abyss and Musical Muds Michelle Deardon, a local Bedford-based artist offered beautiful sounds with her unique handmade pottery instruments, ocarinas, and didgeridoos.

The show at Basement at Bunyan in December has been transferred online by website designer Mike Paul of Earthwaves and will be online until 4 February.

You view the exhibition here.

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