Win a one-off giant panettone in Cibo’s charity Christmas raffle

If you’ve got hoards of hungry friends and family coming for Christmas, then we’ve got the perfect prize for you.

Cibo Deli and Kitchen on Newnham Street have sourced a one-off giant Fiasconaro panettone that weighs in at a whopping five kg and retails at over £100 in the likes of Fortnum and Mason.

Lucky for us, it’s up for grabs in their festive raffle, so will be gracing the table of one fortunate customer and supporting Bedford’s homeless through the SMART Prebend Centre charity in the process.

Alongside their prize panettone, Cibo will be offering a wide range of genuine Italian festive bakes this Christmas; from the traditionally flavoured candied peel and raisin panettone to more contemporary flavours like pistachio, chocolate and salted caramel. There are also vegan versions available.

For a chance to win this one-off festive prize, pop into Cibo Deli and Kitchen by Friday 17 December. Raffle tickets are £5 and all money raised will be donated to SMART Prebend Centre.

Thanks to Cibo for these top three panettone facts:

  • Panettone originates from Italy and dates back centuries, with the first recipe recorded in Milan 200AD. It is made from a slow-risen dough that takes several days to make and the recipe is often a closely guarded secret.
  • Genuine Italian panettone should be a golden aerated sponge that is reassuringly heavy, with quality ingredients and moist candied peel and fruits. The taste is rich, buttery and full of citrus flavours, and it should tear in long strips – like a good mozzarella.
  • Cheaper versions are made in Europe and Brazil, these may be drier, more crumbly with a bread-like sponge.

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