Collaborative ‘Eden’ art exhibition opens at The Arc

Four local artists have joined together to create a unique collaboration of work for a new exhibition at The Arc gallery space on Howard Street.

The theme of the show is ‘Eden’, with work from Sara Sayer, Natalie Wells, Fi Wilson and Amanda Silk exploring a sense of freedom, exuberance, possibility and raw beauty. It runs until 23 October.

“The idea for Eden flowed from thoughts from the four of us, around our recent shared period of enforced isolation and restriction,” said Sara.

“I was dreaming of liberation, craving connection. And at the same time was spending much more time focussing on the strength and beauty of the natural world. Its resilience and adaptability became a touchpoint of naked inspiration.”

The local art scene in Bedford readily provided Sara with three brilliant artists to collaborate with, who each have made work that explores the Eden theme.

The artwork is displayed at The Arc (underneath Lurke Street car park) in Bedford until late October. Prices range from very affordable off the peg pieces to investment art.

“There’s something for everyone,” said Sara. “From modest and true, to large and sumptuous canvases.”

The four artists are also offering workshops in The Arc to complement the exhibition on forthcoming Saturdays during the exhibition period.

“We are so delighted to collaborate with these four banging Bedford ladies and showcase their fabulous work,” said Gemma Crawley-Roberts, owner of The Arc.

“Eden is another perfect example of the huge talent we have here in our home town.”

Sara Sayer

Sara Sayer is showing oil paintings evoking the joy of freedom in nature. Paintings of flowers and native butterflies. These works are made to inspire confidence and express positivity in your home.

Natalie Wells

Natalie Wells focuses on a woman’s innate strength, through her glorious paintings. She creates powerful nudes free to express their opinions, beliefs, and beauty.

“I use paint to express what I cannot say out loud, to celebrate form and create a strong narrative,” said Natalie.

“The figures in my paintings have become more confident through the influence of my Eden collaborators, whose work is powerful and vibrant.”

Amanda Silk

Ceramicist Amanda Silk has delved into reveries of lush exotic faraway places. She produces ceramics that are timeless, tactile and ripe for picking.

“Eden has enabled me to take my practice to another level,” said Amanda. “Collaboration and connection inspires us all, this exhibition embodies this.”

Fiona Wilson

Fiona Wilson’s drawing expresses naked human energies and auras. Abstracted, poetic and often directly influenced by effects of sound and light: the work speaks to our universal experiences and truth.

“I really enjoyed putting this show together as a collective, especially post-lockdowns,” explained Fiona. “The group vision, support and encouragement have enabled us all to create new work that whilst different in style hangs beautifully together.”

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