Life after Lockdown – Tracy and Martin from Vanilla Tree

Whilst we all take heed to social distancing measures we can’t help but imagine our first day without ‘lockdown’.

We’d love to hear your views on what you are missing most in the Borough?  Please complete this very quick survey so when we come out the other side, we can all celebrate these wonderful places.

We have also been talking to businesses, some have closed or adapted the way they operate, about what they are looking forward to.

Today it’s Tracy and Martin who run Vanilla Tree on St Cuthbert’s Street.  I know I am missing my flat white and a Pastel De Nata and I am sure many are missing the homemade bagels and cakes.

Which restaurant will you go to first?
Sapori del Sud – we’ve never been but have heard great things so can’t wait to try it.

Where will you buy your first pint?
Beerfly – we had arranged to meet friends there the day they shut down so as soon as they re open, we’ll be there.

Where will  you buy your first coffee?
If we didn’t exist, then I would say Fay’s or The Gallery

Which shop will you head to first and what will you buy?
Not really a shop, but I will probably visit Gary at Silks for a haircut. Martin doesn’t have to worry about that though!

Where will you go on your first out of town trip?
To Doncaster to see my Dad as he’s locked down on his own.

Where will your first walk be?
Can’t wait to be able to walk through the town and see all the shops open.

What’s the main thing you have missed? e.g live music, pubs, eating out, cinema, exercise etc
We really miss work, having a laugh with our staff and customers – maybe not the getting up at 4.30am though

First sporting or outdoor activity (to watch or participate in)?
Watching our son play basketball is about as sporty as we get!

Three words to sum up Bedford
Better Than Luton

Don’t forget to tell us what you are going to do after lockdown – the survey is very quick.

Stay safe everyone


This has been produced in conjuction with Explore Bedford and the Bedford Independent

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