Life After Lockdown – The Yoga Room's Hannah and Luke from The Fitness Collective

Whilst we all take heed to social distancing measures we can’t help but imagine our first day without ‘lockdown’.

We’d love to hear your views on what you are missing most in the Borough?  Please complete this very quick survey so when we come out the other side, we can all celebrate these wonderful places.

Today it’s Hannah and Luke who are both offering virtual classes to keep us fit during the lockdown.

Hannah runs The Yoga Room and is staying connected via the zoom network with online classes and meditations and a twice monthly quiz that all can join. There’s a wide demographic of teachers and students and many run their own businesses, so often we are able to support one another includng workshops, collaborations and courses.

Luke runs The Fitness Collective  and they are currently offering online personal training.  In June they turn 5 years old and are looking forward to when they can celebrate this birthday and also get back to training in the studio.

Which restaurant will you go to first?
Hannah: Wagamama, The Vardo or the gallery. We don’t go out much in the evenings as we have a little one BUT these two places are our fave eateries
Luke: Wagamama is always a favourite, or The Gallery for a quick lunch for in between clients.

Where will you buy your first pint?
Hannah: Beerfly FOR SURE!
Luke: Beerfly and although they are now offering a delivery service, I do miss staying there for a drink.

Where will you buy your first coffee?Hannah: Vanilla tree and it will be an iced soya latte. The best coffee in town!
Luke: Vanilla tree, I have enjoyed making my own coffee but it’s not the same. I really miss my one-off cappuccino.

Which shop will you head to first and what will you buy?
Hannah: Well we still get to go to The Store so I’ll likely head there but also treat myself to something special from Epanoui.
Luke: Epanoui, either for Hannah’s birthday or a new coffee cup (they have the nicest mugs in there)

Where will you go on your first out of town trip?
Hannah: Hitchin. To visit the lavender fields, eat in Chia and drink coffee from the coffee lab.
Luke: To Norfolk, catch up with my parents and hit the beach. Miss those long walks along Norfolk coast and Theo hasn’t been to beach properly yet.

Where will your first walk be?
Hannah: It’ll be a bike ride and around 30-40 miles out in the countryside surrounding Bedford. And I can’t wait.
Luke: Down by the river and to the Priory Marina

What’s the main thing you have missed? e.g live music, pubs, eating out, cinema, exercise etc
Hannah: Training with everyone at The Fitness Collective and teaching yoga in my studio The Yoga Room.
Luke: Honestly, The Fit Co community. We had some big plans for this year and over the last couple of years the sense of family has grown there. The freedom to train when and how I want.

First sporting or outdoor activity (to watch or participate in)?
Hannah: It’ll be a small group session with The Fit Co team and breakfast afterwards all together.
Luke: Jump in on one of our Small Group sessions or get on the bike with Hannah and head out to explore some of Bedfords forgotten scenery.

Three words to sum up Bedford
Hannah: Creative, thriving and glorious.
Luke: Community, independent, historic.

Don’t forget to tell us what you are going to do after lockdown – the survey is very quick.

Stay safe everyone


This has been produced in conjuction with Explore Bedford and the Bedford Independent



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