Life after lockdown – Slide Record Shop

Whilst we all take heed to social distancing measures we can’t help but imagine our first day without ‘lockdown’.

We’d love to hear your views on what you are missing most in the Borough?  Please complete this very quick survey so when we come out the other side, we can all celebrate these wonderful places.

We have also been talking to businesses, some have closed or adapted the way they operate, about what they are looking forward to.

Today it’s Nerys and Warren from Slide Record Shop based in The Arcade in Bedford that opened in 2017. They champion great independent music across many genres. As well as new releases, they also have a carefully curated selection of second-hand records.

A family business, the shop is run by Warren Alsop, a long-time music lover, vinyl addict, and occasional DJ and his wife Nerys Bannister, fellow music lover and new music obsessive. They are sometimes assisted by the two little Slides, who are pretty useful with a price-gun.

With the lockdown they’ve stopped all sales but are taking orders for when we re-open and gift vouchers are available online. We are spending our time sorting out the mess that is our stockroom. There’ll be lovely fresh stock out on the shop floor their first day back and they can’t wait.

Which restaurant will you go to first?
With the two little Slides we don’t really get to restaurants but we are very much looking forward to ordering those legendary Herd burgers to enjoy at home again.

Where will you buy your first pint?
Again with the little Slides it is all about takeaway, so it will be popping into Beerfly for a chat and picking up something delicious to enjoy at home.

Where will you buy your first coffee?
Got to be Vanilla Tree. Amazing coffee, breakfast and the best playlist in Bedford. I get playlist envy (it’s a thing) whenever I’m in.

Which shop will you head to first and what will you buy?
It will be straight to Slide to open up the doors, pop a record on the turntable, turn it up loud and welcome people back. Next it will be to our neighbours Boutique Planet to sort out the wardrobe with some of Nick’s excellent styling advice.

Where will you go on your first out of town trip?
Visit family and hug my 98 year old Grandad.

Where will your first walk be?
Bedford Park for a lovely walk, play park for the littlest Slides and eggs at the Pavilion

What’s the main thing you have missed? e.g live music, pubs, eating out, cinema, exercise etc
Our customers. We’ve really missed chatting with them and the wonderful Slide family

First sporting or outdoor activity (to watch or participate in)?
Warren will probably cry tears of joy when the football starts again.

Three words to sum up Bedford
Creative, Kind, Ballsy

Don’t forget to tell us what you are going to do after lockdown – the survey is very quick.

Stay safe everyone

This has been produced in conjunction with Explore Bedford and Bedford Independent

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