Life after Lockdown – Lauren Troiano from Wells & Co

Whilst we all take heed to social distancing measures we can’t help but imagine our first day without ‘lockdown’.

We’d love to hear your views on what you are missing most in the Borough?  Please complete this very quick survey so when we come out the other side, we can all celebrate these wonderful places.

We have also been talking to businesses, some have closed or adapted the way they operate, about what they are looking forward to.

Today it’s Lauren Troiano from Wells & Co. The  brewing side of the business will continue its exciting evolution, looking to establish a new range of interesting regional beers, once we come out the other side.  Their almost 200 pubs and multiple managed houses across England and France are currently on lockdown.

“Whilst it was a sad day when our pubs had to close, it was necessary. I’ve never felt more pride than the way they handled their closures with such grace.”

“Our pubs understand they are a huge part of the community and that they will open their doors with such heartfelt and welcoming arms when we come out the other side.”

“My favourite to pub to follow on social media is The Devonshire Arms and their initiative of Where’s Ronnie? Ronnie & Rebecca are a huge part of the Bedford community and are keeping their entertaining personalities alive through social media.”

Where’s Ronnie? Day 3

Which restaurant will you go to first?
I’d love a pizza from Santellios! Being Italian, it’s the closest I’ve come to finding food that tastes just like it’s been cooked by my family overseas. The old school table cloths, TV on in the background, simple side salads and wine carafes make it feel like home.

Where will you buy your first pint?
A pint of Charlie Wells Dry Hopped Lager from my second home; The Foresters Arms. I can’t wait to see the team (or pull a few pints myself to help out) when we reopen the doors.

Where will you buy your first coffee?
I’ve missed and craved Vanilla Tree lattes like you wouldn’t believe. I think that I think about them every day. That, and their French toast!

Which shop will you head to first and what will you buy?
I’ve missed my normal Saturday trip to All Ears and buying incense or all lovely home bits!

Where will you go on your first out of town trip?
I’d like to visit Ampthill to see my family and support their independent community.

Where will your first walk be?
The Embankment. It holds so many positive and poignant memories for me throughout my life living in Bedford.

Lauren (right) at the Embankment

What’s the main thing you have missed? e.g live music, pubs, eating out, cinema, exercise etc
I’ve missed our pubs like you wouldn’t believe. I visit the Bedford pubs a lot during the week with my job and have missed the friendly faces and bowls of coffee haha.

First sporting or outdoor activity (to watch or participate in)?
I absolutely cannot wait to go back to my gym, The Fitness Collective. They’ve been great at adapting online, but I miss seeing everyone and throwing around some heavy weights!

Three words to sum up Bedford
Independent. Community spirited. Together

Don’t forget to tell us what you are going to do after lockdown – the survey is very quick.

Stay safe everyone

This has been produced in conjunction with Explore Bedford and Bedford Independent

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