Introducing The Bedfordshire MacClanger – How would you fill yours?

Bedford-based Macadamia nut supplier Nutcellars has teamed-up with Gunns Bakery to revive the traditional Bedfordshire Clanger in a bid to give it a macadamia-themed gastronomic makeover and create ‘The MacClanger’!

Nutcellars is appealing to the great people of Bedfordshire and beyond to reinvent the suet pudding with both sweet and savoury macadamia-based recipe ideas to create the perfect midday meal.

Historically, The Bedfordshire clanger was homemade for farmers to take to their agricultural work in the fields of Bedfordshire to sustain them throughout the day.  Nutcellars macadamia nuts are also a great snack to prevent hunger throughout the day as a few nuts go a long way.

It has been suggested that the crust was not originally intended for consumption but to protect the fillings from the soiled hands of the workers.

David Gunns, of Gunns Bakery, is Bedford’s answer to a ‘Clanger Aficionado’ as featured on TV’s Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast on Channel 4 with Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty.

David is no stranger to innovating new Clanger flavours and boasts an impressive Clanger menu at his three Bedfordshire shops.  David’s best sellers are ‘Beef ‘n’ Ale’ – Beef with beer in the savoury side and rhubarb and custard in the sweet end.

David clanger menu also boasts other flavours ‘Pork ‘n’ cider’ with roasted caramelised apple in the sweet end and ‘Lamb ‘n’ Jam’ with lamb and mint in the savoury end and plum jam in the sweet.  Many television shows have featured his delights including Ready Steady Cook, Countryfile, Antiques Road Trip and many chefs including Brian Turner, Rick Stein and Gino D’Acampo have sampled his wares!

David said “There is a plethora of Bedfordshire Clanger flavours, one of our most popular being the vegetarian-friendly Bombay veg curry with sweet mango on the sweet side.  We have also produced custom versions of the Clanger, so we’re very excited about playing with Macadamia nuts! It is great that Nutcellars want to produce a macadamia nut version and I’m looking forward to collaborating with a fellow local business to launch this competition.”

Andrew Emmott, Managing Director of Nutcellars added  “We’ve always been fascinated by the heritage of The Bedfordshire Clanger and wanted to reinvent it as a fellow business based in Bedford.  My family support smallholder farms in Malawi and have done for four generations.  It is great to bring this fantastic little nut to Bedfordshire to experiment its use in this iconic local treat.  I can’t wait to see the recipe ideas suggested and the winning recipe made into a Bedfordshire MacClanger by Gunns Bakery”

In the olden days, people would make Clangers with whatever they had in the way of meat or vegetables, fruit and jam, remains of a joint, swelled-up with potatoes or onions. Gammon and ham were also very popular with potato and onion when in season – the other end would contain a sweet chopped apple sauce.

Create your own clanger!

Nutcellars would like to launch a “Bedfordshire MacClanger” and are asking people to submit both sweet and savoury recipe ideas for the fillings.  David Gunns will judge the entries and the winning recipe will be added to his Clanger menu at Gunns Bakery!

The winning recipe ideas will receive a jar of whole macadamia nuts, as well as jar of macadamia nut butter to make their own “Bedfordshire MacClanger”.

The winning recipe will be made into a MacClanger and sold in Gunns Bakery as well as on

The Bedfordshire Clanger was originally the food of farm labourers. A suet pudding with a meat filling, portable hot or cold or eaten when returning home. They were considered affordable, filling and very calorific. It would be great if the Clanger could be enjoyed on a wider scale by foodies all over the land.

All Bedfordshire MacClanger recipe ideas should be emailed to:

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