The Bedford Clanger's Lloyd Lugsden talks to The Christians

They’ve been called ‘The Temptations in ripped jeans’ and their sound ‘sophisti-pop’. You’ll recognise their singles including Hooverville, Harvest for the World, In an Ideal World and many many more, which all blend pop and soul with social messages.  The Clanger’s Lloyd Lugsden got to talk to singer Garry Christian about Paul McCartney and stuffed peppers…

Garry Christian

Bedford Clanger: Been to Bedford before ?
Garry Christian: Have we? Yes, yes at the Bedford Park Concert last summer, with Billy Ocean, it was a very hot day!

BC: Favourite Liverpool band?
GC: Um, let me think, yes, what’s that band beginning with b?…The Beatles!

BC: Where was your first gig?
GC: That was at JBs, in Dudley, Birmingham in 1987, which was quite funny. There were about six or seven people there…all punks, and they sat on the stage…facing away from us! The record company was at the bar, shuffling about looking awkward! Then we played there again two months later, after our first single was released and it was packed!

BC: Favourite venue you’ve played?
GC: There have been so many over the past 30 years, it’s hard to pick a favourite but there was one in Paris in 1991 at the SOS festival, with Bruce Springsteen, who liked us.
We’ve played with a lot of bands including Fleetwood Mac, who chose us to support them at Manchester Arena, Stevie Nicks was there in her hoodie watching us from the side of the stage!

BC: You’ve had a prolific career, recording and touring, any anecdotes?
GC: When we recorded Ferry Cross the Mersey, with Holly Johnson, Paul McCartney asked the sound guy (Pete Waterman) if he could chat to us and we had a bit of joke together.

BC: Any new bands do you like?
GC: …not really, I tend to listen to older music.

C: Have you got a favourite Christians song?
G: Our first single probably…and album track from…Happy in Hell.

BC: Favourite meal to cook?
GC: Ooh, favourite meal…vegetarian stuffed peppers, with brown rice.

The Christians are playing Bedford Esquires on Friday 19 April and tickets are available from Slide Records, Mario’s Hair Design, Esquires bar and

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