Doctor in the house!

80s glam-pop-psych band, Dr and the Medics, come to Bedford Esquires on Friday 14th June, where they will be prescribing classic hits and new material including the perennial hit Spirit In The Sky.

The Clanger’s Lloyd Lugsden got to talk to founder member and singer Clive Jackson about Top of the Pops and Rugeley Power Station amongst other things…<
Bedford Clanger: Been to Bedford before?
Clive Jackson: Yes, at Bedford Boys Club (Bradgate Road) in 1983 – at the dawn of our career.

BC: What can Esquires expect from the show?
CJ: They’ll be the classics, great covers and the first new material for 25 years – we’ve got a great band and are enjoying it more than ever!

BC: What was appearing on Top of the Pops like?
CJ: It was strange…but we feel privileged to have been on it. We had to be there for 8am(!) for a camera run – if you missed this they’d just play the promo video instead. So we were on our way to the studio but we’re stuck in traffic, so we got out of the van and ran there with our instruments! It was rather close, we were all sweating but we made it. Then after the camera run, we stuck in a dressing room all day until 7pm!

BC: Do you remember when you first heard Spirit in the Sky ?
CJ: It was 1970, I was aged 9, it’s a song that’s always there, it always evokes emotions.

BC: Have you ever meet Norman Greenbaum (the original artist)?
strong>CJ: No, though we keep in touch on the Internet regularly. He did a great performance recently on YouTube for his 70th birthday, lovely guy he calls me British Spirit in the Sky…

BC: I recently put a book together about Rugeley power station and it documented your show at the last night at the social club, do you recall it?
CJ: Well, there’s a connection! That was a strange evening – we were there with our party music and all of the audience had lost their job, as the station was shutting down, so they weren’t up for partying!

BC: How long did the vertical hair used to take?
CJ: Ha Ha! That came about when we’d got back from a gig at 4am and had a photoshoot at 9am. So I deliberately did my hair stupid so they wouldn’t use the photo…on the photo you can see my smug look, but that was soon wiped off of my face as they used the photo! So I stuck with it from then, it took an hour to do, but after doing 300 gigs in one year, I got make up AND hair down to 25 minutes.

Tickets are £17 in advance from, Esquires bar or Slide Record Shop or £20 on the door. Support comes from Metatrons and Little Chino.

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