Deliveroo for ducks at the Longholme

As you may have read in the Bedford Independent, wildfowl on our rivers and ponds benefit from being fed by the public, especially during the winter months, when their natural food sources are harder to find. The RSPB recommend specialist food plus lettuce and potatoes, peas and grain as well as traditional bread.

Photo by Damian Ratcliffe

If you’re visiting the Longholme this winter, they now stock duck pellets which won’t bloat the wildfowl or discourage their natural foraging. “We posted about this online and one customer suggested we offer the service via Deliveroo who we partner with for our home deliveries,” said the Longholme’s Thomas Healey.  “So we contacted Deliveroo who took a while before they believed it was a genuine request! Happily, they agreed it was a good idea and we have now started to offer the ‘feed the ducks’ option online.

“When customers order they can add this service for just £1.30 and then the staff at the café will take the reserved pellets to feed the ducks at the lake. If on the day the customer orders the ducks can’t be found we will try again the next day until they get their fair share. It’s really a novel approach at combining the traditions and feel good feeling you get when feeding ducks now available for those who can’t make it to the lake to do it personally.”

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