Clanger interview: Feet

Feet (plus special guests The Courts) hit Bedford Esquires on Monday 21 October.

Clanger correspondent, Lloyd Lugsden spoke to guitarist Harry Southerton for the lowdown on Reading Festival, dressing up and, first up, where their name came from…

Bedford Clanger: Where did the name come from?

Upon our first meeting, Joakim, who is now a pilot of all things, suggested we name the band ‘The Talking Heads’, warning signs from the start to be honest. Anyway, we laughed at him and he said ‘oh you’ll just want to call it something stupid like Feet’. There you go.

BC: Have you been to Bedford before?

Yes, played Esquires two or three times, lovely Wetherspoons as far as they go. That’s the extent of our knowledge in most cities: venues and Wetherspoons

BC: What/who are your influences? 

The title track of the album is influenced somewhat by Frank Zappa. I guess some Parquet Quarts, a freshly chopped sprinkling of the Kinks, and some Metallica for good measure. But if you ask anybody else they’ll say we exclusively listen to Britpop.

 BC: You seem to like dressing up? Best outfit?

Who doesn’t? There’s been a plethora of outfits since the dawn of the band. Some not mentionable, we had a distastefully themed party of the last night of living in the barn, infamous celebrities….

BC: The video for Ad Blue looks fun, tell us more?

We’d recently be watching cowboy films so decided to do a cowboys video. The song came around from Oli accidentally using Ad-Blue as opposed to water to make tea with. So we replaced the pistols with kettles and Robert’s your mother’s brother, odd video.

BC: How was Reading festival? Any anecdotes?

Amazing, great turnout considering we started at the same time as Billie Eilish. Picked a bad day for dressing up as aliens as it was far too hot. Abused the rider and had more than our share of the supplies. Show was great too.

BC: Any fun riders yet?

Nothing past the old beers and crisps, sometimes a sarnie or some gin. Nothing like Sabbath used to get. Rains told me a story about them getting four Lamborghinis and losing them in the sea. Which would definitely happen to us if somebody gave us super cars. I wonder how much stuff Ozzy ruined for future generations.

Tickets: £7.50 from Slide Records, Mario’s Hair Design in Kempston and Esquires bar. Also at

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