Clanger interview: Black Grape's Kermit

Prior to their Bedford gig at Esquires (an intimate venue for them) the Clanger’s Lloyd Lugsden got to chat to Kermit, MC with Black Grape and verbal sparring partner to Shaun Ryder.

Kermit first appeared in hip hop act Ruthless Rap Assassins. Then, following the Happy Mondays, Black Grape bounced onto the scene in the ’90s, with their spontaneous fusion of indie, funk and hip hop, with hits including; Reverend Black Grape, In the name of the Father, Kelly’s Heroes and England’s Irie.

Bedford Clanger: Been to Bedford before?

Kermit: Yeah…I know I have! (Sounds unsure) ha ha!

BC: Has there ever been a mix up with the other Kermit?

K: Well, what I say to people is; one is green and a puppet and one is brown and real! Ha ha!

BC: What are black Grape up to this summer?

K: We’re touring for a month, then doing a few festivals…

Shaun, Bez, Kermit

BC: How did you meet Shaun (Ryder)?

K: I met him through Bez actually, I knew Bez before but didn’t know he was in a band, he used to come around my house, one day he invited me to the Hacienda and I met Shaun.

BC: Favourite Black Grape song?

K: It varies and depends what mood I’m in…or how intoxicated I am! (Paraphrasing)

In the name of the father, the son and the holy Bez

BC: What’s your ringtone?

K: Star Wars, the imperial march…that’s not for my wife though!

BC: What’s the maddest think that’s happened on tour?

K: (pause) I couldn’t tell you! I’ve got a reputation to keep! Too many incidents…

BC: Fave meal to cook?

K: It depends…a Sunday roast! To reset the week and keep you sane. Our daughters five next week and we have to keep up the pretence of being normal! Ha Ha!

Try and catch this one, legends on your doorstep, you never know what might happen – remember them on TFI Friday…?

Saturday 23rd March, with excellent support from Collapsed Lung. Tickets £25 from Slide Record Shop, Mario’s Hair Design and, including free after show party

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