Clanger Culture Correspondents: Ready Steady Roll review

In January, we appointed the Barron family as our first Clanger Culture Correspondents.

Since then, they’ve been out and about, sampling the cultural delights of Bedford and you can follow them here on instagram.

First up, we sent them for an afternoon at one of our favourite places, the Ready Steady Roll board game cafe in Sharnbrook. Did they love it as much as us – and would they recommend it?…

Ready Steady Roll is a Café with a difference.

They serve fresh homemade cakes, drinks and noodles but will also recommend a board game to play and then teach you how to play it.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the ‘Games Guru‘ who showed us to our table, took our order and suggested a game to play based on our children’s ages. We all had a great time, played four games, ate lots of delicious cake, drank lots of coffee and ended up staying for three hours.

I think it’s a fantastic affordable way for a family to spend some quality time together, we will definitely be revisiting Ready Steady Roll in the near future.

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What we played:

We started with ‘Geistes Blitz’ (Ghost Blitz) which was hilarious. Emma lost the power of speech because she was laughing so much.
We then played ‘Just One’ which was good fun. You have to try and guess a word from clues given by the rest of the family.
The third game we picked ourselves which was ‘Sushi Go!’ It was ok, but not as good as the others we played.
Lastly we played ‘Machi Koro’. It’s a Japanese board game where you build your own city. It’s great fun and was everyone’s favourite. I wanted to buy it there and then but he didn’t have it in the shop.. we ended up buying ‘Geistes Blitz’ on the day.
Inspired by our trip, I picked up a second hand ‘Machi Koro’ from eBay and have spent a few afternoons since playing it with the family.
Clanger star rating:
Jon: ****
Emma: *****
Oscar: *****
Rosie: *****
Overall rating: 5 stars!

Coming soon, our review of the Philharmonia Orchestra at the Bedford Corn Exchange…

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