Best of Bedford – Sharon De Leonardis

This month’s Best of Bedford comes from SpectaculArts’ founder, Sharon de Leonardis. SpectaculArts’ objective is to create events that enhance and enrich our community.  Activity this year will culminate in the SpectaculArts Street Arts Festival on Saturday 7 September – a carnival to celebrate the cultural diversity of Bedford and we can’t wait!

In addition, Sharon is the host with the most at the Pavilion at the Park, so you might spot a bit of bias in one of her answers!

Name: Sharon De Leonardis

Occupation: Survivor of life/  Business Manager

Born here or blown? Bedford born

Best thing about Bedford? I love the small town feeling of knowing I can walk down the street and say hello to people without being looked at like I am from a different planet. Still waiting for that DNA result to come back as I would not be surprised to find that I’d come from Venus!

Best place to get a coffee or cuppa? The Pavilion at the Park 🙂 To be honest we have some great independent coffee shops with my husband being Italian, I have to know my coffee; another great place is Coffee with Art.

Best breakfast? Has to be one that I haven’t cooked! My favourite is my mum and dad’s Jamaican’s breakfast achee and salt fish with fried dumplings and chocolate tea. If I have had a few drinks the night before it has to be a good old fashioned British fry up, with a pint of orange juice.

The one place you’d recommend to visitors? One of the best kept secrets of Bedford for me is Priory Marina, great place to walk, with hidden trails, nature, dogs, lake cafe.

Ever read John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress? Not yet……does that make me a bad Bedfordian?

Bedford’s best boozer? The Third Place on St Peter’s Street. Chilled vibes and an older crowd. Do I really need reminding my age when I bump into students that I taught in schools who have now left…..err no!

Best Bedfordian? Paula Radcliffe. I attended Bedford Harriers at the time Paula was a member. To watch someone train to be the best and become world record holder, gave me the belief that anyone can achieve their goals if they just work hard and believe in their abilities and in people that will help you on your journey to achieve your goals.

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