Live music: The Lovely Eggs at Esquires

Psychedelic punk duo The Lovely Eggs are coming to Bedford this Friday 15 June as part of their This is Eggland tour. Comprising of drum pummeler David Blackwell and buzzsaw guitarist/vocalist Holly Ross, the married couple bring the raucous, singing about everyday life, with panache and surrealism. The Clanger’s Lloyd Lugsden got to talk to Holly Prior to the gig. Swears have been omitted to protect the innocent.

After introducing myself as being from the Bedford Clanger, Holly enquires about the interesting name. I inform her that it is a regional dish, with meat or veg at one end and a dessert/jam at the other. I think she’s impressed. Especially with a vegetarian option.

Bedford Clanger: Been to Bedford before?
Holly Prior: No but looking forward to playing there!

BC: The name?
HP: When David was living in Paris I went to visit him and there was a nest by the window. A pigeon landed and laid its eggs…lovely eggs…The next day we were flying to New York for our first gig there. There was a kind of synchronicity, the newly hatched eggs mirroring the beginning of our career as…The Lovely Eggs.
BC: I thought it was to do with cooking, or something smutty…

BC: What venue or place would you love to play?
HP: Paridiso in Amsterdam or New York again. Anywhere really, it’s a free holiday. And of course we’re looking forward to playing Bedford!

BC: How did you hook up with David Shrigley? (Subversive artist)
HP: We were big fans of David and basically pestered him for years. He does art diaries with other artists.

BC: And how did you hook up with TV funny man Phil Jupitus?
HP: We were playing a festival in London, Helen Love was playing, and Phil came up after the gig and bought our t shirts and CDs and was a big fan and it went from there…(Phil Sometimes supports The Lovely Eggs live)

BC: Best thing about Lancaster?
HC: For us it’s an anchor, a harbour, where our friends are, a place of safety, it feels natural…

BC: Worst thing about Lancaster?
HP: There’s not much outside influence or culture, not many bands play here, so it can be a bit of a goldfish bowl. So when we’ve had enough we can go out on tour!

BC: Musical influences, or other?
HP: Richard Brautigan, he was classified as a beat writer but wasn’t really, he was his own thing, but wrote about counterculture.  Art wise, David Shrigley, skewed stuff. We’re not directly influenced by music/bands, as in we don’t try and sound like a band but one lunch time for example I might hear some Black Sabbath and take it in.

BC: Have DIY punkers benefited from the Internet?
HP: Yes, it makes things easier, connecting directly with the fans, it gives you a network. I suppose it’s just different. Before, when I was young, I’d have no money and would invest in a cassette of an album and play it again and again.  Where as now, you can listen to Spotify and its more fickle, if you pay a tenner for music, it’s like effin’ hell, I’ve invested in that, I’m gonna listen to it!

BC: Fave type of cooked egg?
HP: It’s just a band name, let’s say poached! But don’t mind…

The Lovely Eggs play Esquires on Friday 15th June. Tickets are £12 from Esquires Bar, Slide Records, Marios Hair Design and 

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