Help to spread ‘The Lost Words’ to the schools of Bedford Borough

Most of the time we love twitter. It’s a great place to find like-minded people and share ideas and information. It was on twitter that we ‘met’ Lisa Bremner. Lisa had seen a successful crowdfunding initiative in Scotland with the aim of donating a copy of the book, The Lost Words into every primary school in Scotland. Beautifully illustrated, The Lost Words, by Robert McFarlane and artist Jackie Morris, features words that are slipping out of common usage, and as such have been removed from the latest version of the Oxford University Press Junior Dictionary.  Many of these words evoked the natural world, such as conker, clover and willow.  The author’s campaign raised so much money that she had enough for every primary, secondary and special school in Scotland.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful, I thought, if someone would do that around here,” said Lisa.  “Then I realised it was a case of ‘if not me, who?’ So after overthinking it for ages, and putting it off for ages, and coming up with lots of reasons why not, I decided to go for it and it’s now out there!”

If enough people donate, Lisa will be able to give a copy of this beautiful book to every single school in Bedford Borough.  Let’s help make it happen!

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