CluedUpp COMPETITION: the Bedford Murder Mystery Experience

Saturday 31st March

It was 5.35am on a damp, dark morning when the police were first called to the Genesis Nightclub on Ravewell Street.  There, in the centre of his own dance floor, lay the bloodied body of notorious nightclub owner Jimmy Johnson….but who wanted him dead?
Would-be super sleuths who join the hunt can expect a fun-filled day of clue-solving as they make their way around Bedford town centre, locating virtual witnesses and unravelling each piece of the puzzle. The game is delivered entirely through Cluedupp’s award-winning smartphone app and players will need to have their wits about them as there are challenges and red-herrings around every corner. “As always, we expect a good turnout in Bedford,” said the CluedUpp team.  “The last event we delivered in the town saw over 300 Sherlocks turn up throughout the day!”


We have one team ticket to give away to a lucky reader. This will cover entry for six detectives.   

Simply email us with the name of Sherlock Holmes’ arch enemy.  Entry closes on Monday 19th March.  Email your answer, with the subject ‘Elementary’ to

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