Clanger citizen review: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol  – Told by Guy Masterson


Review by Kezia-Rose Johnston (18)

‘A Christmas Carol’ is a classic tale, and most people you ask can certainly remember some aspects of it, but it would seem that most audiences would say it’s old; read it once or watch one adaptation and that’s all you really need, right? Well I say “wrong”! In the world we live in today, with so many people less fortunate than ourselves right on our doorstep, with some of us afraid to give some of what we have to these people because “What if it’s just a money-making scam?” I think we all need to take a moment in this time of giving and re-evaluate our thinking with this timeless tale and, in my opinion, there is no better way to reacquaint ourselves with the spirit of change and charity at Christmas than with Theatre Tours International’s one-man retelling of ‘A Christmas Carol’ that I saw on 8thDecember at The Place Theatre.

Guy Masterson, the sole performer onstage, did a truly amazing job in bringing this story to life. His storytelling skills were really brilliant and there was never a dull moment. His characterisation was also wonderful and at times I forgot that this was a one-man show! Masterson was able to make each character clearly distinct and still totally believable, which is a great skill. He also remained completely calm whenever there was a technical issue and played it off brilliantly, where others may have panicked. Towards the end, as Scrooge became very overcome by his emotions, I felt that there were a couple of times where Masterson lost some of his clarity, but I was quickly able to pick the story up again and fill in the little gaps that this left.

Nick Hennegan’s adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’ was both humorous and moving and his use of language, combined with Masterson’s amazing acting skills and the well-timed and emotive use of Robb Williams’ original score, made for an immersive and unforgettable show. I certainly look forward to seeing what these three brilliant artists put their creative minds to next!

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