Wild At Heart Review – Quarry Theatre Comedy Festival

Last Friday night, walking into the Quarry’s cosy studio theatre, the disco lights were flashing in the darkened room and retro 60’s music played in the background. The Wild At Heart duoChiara with her fabulously frizzy, wild brown hair in contrast to Roisin’s sleeker, straight blonde ponytail do welcomed the crowd; their heads and bodies bouncing along like the bobble-heads you’d find on a car dashboard.

Buzzing with energy and dressed alike, in luminous white from head to toe, fringed tops, cut off culottes (how on trend!), and comfy flats. The springy comediennes handed out mints and chalky sugar cigarettes to the unsuspecting crowd. Then whoosh, the whirlwind began, the dizzying double act regularly burst into rap, soulful singing, hilarious chit-chat’s whilst scoffing mouthful’s of marshmallows, and cruised through the crowd to find the best gibberish talker, a guy who it amusingly turns out to be called Steve.

The IRL BFF’s practiced an extreme version of friendship leaning; 29 year-old Chiara transformed into a whiny child, who furiously chugged away on a milk bottle, curls up and get’s breast fed by 27 year-old Roisin. Other moments saw the crowd, especially a few men in the room get a little uncomfortable. In one skit, a highly emotional Roisin steps out from the curtain, dressed as a bride to be, in a lacy veil, flowers in hand. She spots her prey and slowly steps to the back of the room, where she instantly falls in love, as she edges closer, he get’s ready to pucker up, but Chiara comes to the rescue, and breaks the spell. Hurrah!

Roisin’s innocent, sweet yet surreal characters often surprise as she peers off into the distance as an Irish mystic, in contrast to Chiara’s quirky crowd curve-balls and outlandish movements… Chiara pounced over the first row towards me, I was the chosen one, I sat both panicked and a little excited. I was the chosen one! I joined ducked inside flowing, roomy poncho, and slowly emerged through the vagina like hole, to be birthed into a Queen.

Fizzing with energy, the fun and feisty comediennes’ set is a kick-ass collage of manic, moving and mystical moments, neatly tied together by Roisin and Chiara’s  knack at vibing off of each-other’s energy.  As the end nears, you don’t want it to stop, you want to your heart to beat a little faster, for a little longer, so you too can be Wild At Heart.

You can read Priya Gill’s interview with Chiara on our blog here.

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