With love from the Clanger…

The February 2016 issue of the Bedford Clanger has landed and you can read it here now.

This month it’s hard to avoid Valentine’s day, so whether you’re a hearts n flowers romantic or (like our front cover design by illustrator Todd Robinson) feel a bit ‘meh’ about it,we’ve got plenty of suggestions for how to celebrate – or not.

As always, we’ve also got the best of Bedford’s theatre, live music, food, drink, film and gardening.  We’ve got interviews with Pauline Black from The Selector plus a quick Q&A with Richie Ramone, details about Skeptics in the Pub, Ouse Muse, Project 229 and events at the Pavilion in the Park.

We’ve also included a timely reminder about our New Year Revolution (illustration by Kristina Bullen) with some top tips to help you follow our manifesto.

Till next month, Comrades. Vive la revolution!





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