Interview: Skeptics in the Pub 'Homeopathy in the UK'

More food for thought from the Skeptics in the Pub this month with their guest speaker, Michael Marshall of the Good Thinking Society. Using information and personal experiences gathered during his last 6 years of campaigning against homeopathy, Michael will highlight how much money is spent on homeopathic remedies, how this gives undeserved credibility to homeopathy and how such remedies can lead to genuine harm.  “Dilution and homeopathy goes against every principle of physics, chemistry and medicine,” explained Michael.  “Every well-constructed study shows that it’s a placebo.  The danger arises when even harmless ailments can become life-threatening if left unchecked.  People think that because homeopathy uses natural products, it must be safe.  Medicine is always progressing and innovating. Homeopathy hasn’t changed for 200 years.”  As ever, we’re certain this month’s topic will cause some robust discussions!

Join in at the North End Social Club on Thursday 21st April at 7.30pm.

You can read the full April issue of the Bedford Clanger here.

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